The Twilight Limits

On my way to London Thugs to get the photos I took of James, Norm and Shawna developed, I found a bottle on the sidewalk. The bottle was filled with gas and when I opened it this big blue Indian appeared out of nowhere with the voice of Robin Williams. He said I could have three wishes. For my first wish I wished that whenever someone hit or was in some other way violent to another person, the injury and the pain would be felt not by the victim, but by the attacker. I haven’t decided what I would do with the other wishes. I wonder how that would affect the world, though. It might not end violence altogether, but it would probably abate it to some degree. I’m sure it would make a startling and ironic episode of The Twilight Zone or it’s little cousin, The Outer Limits.

On a completely different topic, Frank Roberts, who works at Relic and is known to me, brought my attention to this Japanese video of two ping pong players experiencing ‘bullet time’ (as seen in The Matrix and other films) live. It will make you go HA! and OOH! and you should see it while it’s still up. You’ll need a competent media player and a decent internet connection speed. It was pretty jumpy on mine, and of course I have this weird ongoing problem where some video files play super fast, others play super slow, sometimes just the audio has the problems but not the video, &c, &c. But I got the gist of it. Enjoy!

Incidentally, Frank’s sister Rachel starred as S1m0ne in the film of the same name with Al Pacino. Neat, huh? Embarrassingly now I admit that I haven’t seen it.