So yeah…I spent several months on quite a few online dating services: Lavalife (which is actually probably the best of them), bust.com (also reasonably good), match.com, matchmaker.com, mybc.com personals, and some others that are barely worth mentioning. I guess it was about 3 years ago I was introduced to them. I got onto matchmaker.com when they had an unlimited membership trial period, basically. That’s how I met Tinessa. So, I would say in general that it worked out. The dating service, not the relationship. I got a girlfriend because of the dating website. The relationship lasted almost 2 years, which is as good as any of my other relationships.

The best kind of dating site is the kind where you can sneak your personal info (like your email address) into your profile. Some sites are pretty strict and if you put “anything@anything.com” in it, they’ll catch you right away. So on Lavalife, for example, you might put as your tagline, “With luck, Horny69 will be getting some hot mail.” Anyone with half a brain would decode that to mean that your email is horny69@hotmail.com, right? Well it also helps if your profile username is horny69. Of course, my own username was NOT horny69 – I’m just using it as an example! My own username was pretty much meaningless but when I decided on it, I started up a hotmail account that mirrored it.

So basically since last September I’ve been trawling the dating sites. I even went on some dates. Nothing romantic ever came of them but I met some really cool girls that I consider pretty close friends: Sheri, Ang and Yvonne, met in that order. Sheri ended up dating one of my friends, although that chapter is recently closed as well, I hear. C’est la vile (That’s a pun).

What’s my point? Well, I closed all of my many dating accounts, and my buffer hotmail account. It’s actually pretty brutal going online week after week, reading completely trite profile essays from girls who “love to laugh”; trying to think of winning messages to send to girls you’d love to meet (if they even exist) but who never honour your effort with a response; and acknowledging the rare similar message you may get from a girl who is, while nice, not at all your type. So when Kirsten created the opportunity for me to walk away from all that, I did not hesitate. And what else can I say? All those girls who didn’t take a chance with me when the chance was given – well poop on them. Poop I say!