Thickets Hollywood

We played D&D tonight. Fun stuff. Not so many Christopher Walken impressions tonight as in the past 2 sessions. Oh well, what’s a DM to do….

Joe, the Thickets webmaster and all around Nerdsman, pointed me to the Hellboy movie website. I’ve had this CD I burned of the Thickets’ Hellboy song “Ogdru Jahad” sitting on my computer for a while. Scott Allie, the editor at Dark Horse who edits the Hellboy books (and who writes The Devil’s Footprints), said he would pass on anything I wanted to send to the director of the Hellboy film, Guillermo del Toro (Blade 2, Devil’s Backbone, Mimic). So I’ve been procrastinating on sending it to him. Well tonight I visited the forums for the movie, and it turns out that del Toro has been amazing at answering fan questions on the message board. So I introduced myself and asked if “Ogdru Jahad” might be considered for the movie (assuming that del Toro liked it). So now I await a response. The best response? “I have heard of the Thickets and I’d love to put it in the movie.” Here’s to hoping.

In other Hollywood news, I got a phone call today from Stuart Gordon (director of Re-Animator, Dagon, & From Beyond, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you). He called to say he got the SpaceCorp shirt I sent him and the copy of Spaceship Zero the RPG. It was super of him to call, and he tells me that he’s just finishing up his new film “King of the Ants”. He wants the Thickets to provide a song for his next Lovecraftian foray – an adaptation of “The Thing on the Doorstep”. Naturally we will provide. Once the film is closer to production he’ll send a script that we can work from, lyrically.