World Wildlife Federation of Justice "Eye Eye Eye" Comic Completed

I’m pleased to announce that the World Wildlife Federation of Justice comic I started working on in 2011 is finally done! At that time I had hoped to pull enough donations from friends and fans to pay for the writing chops of Ian Boothby, the lettering skills of Ed Brisson, and one page of pencils from Captain Carrot comic creator Scott Shaw!

I did get all the funds I’d hoped for and more (thanks donors) and a script from Ian Boothby. Shortly after I started the project I was offered a full time job at Atomic Cartoons to work on character art for some Marvel motion comics, which naturally I accepted! That 7 month contract turned into three subsequent positions on 2 more projects which didn’t leave me with the time I had anticipated to work on the WWFJ story. Recently however, I found myself with a couple months off and an opportunity to include a story in the Cloudscape Comics anthology “Mega-Fauna” and this story seemed the perfect fit. Ed had moved on from lettering to writing, including Secret Avengers and Robocop comics, but he recommended another Vancouver local Christopher Barrett. I also drew from my Atomic Cartoons talent pool my friend Tanya Lehoux to colour the thing. The page from Scott Shaw fell through, unfortunately, but in the end I’m very pleased with the results.

Look for “Eye Eye Eye” in Mega-Fauna August 2014, and on worldwildlifefederationofjustice shortly thereafter. Preview below:


Rhinosferatu x3

Lately I’ve been working on a new design for Bad Girl Chocolates, as well as some spot illustrations for Fight On! Magazine. I’ll post the art soon enough, but for now I’ve scanned in and uploaded for your viewing please some Rhinosferatu art by my friends which has been stagnating in my Rhinosferatu sketch book.

Oh, and Uncle Mike’s Worldwide is working on some Rhinosferatu miniatures, more news about that as it develops!

David Gagnon is a character designer at Atomic Cartoons. Check out his art blog.

Trevor Phillips designs and prints his own shirts under the name Ebon Aves Apparel. You may have seen me wearing his volcano or bear with a fez shirt!

Marlon Deane is a character designer and storyboard artist at Atomic Cartoons.


The Dark Octopussycat Returns

click to make big
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Octopussycat, as a kitten, showed some psychokinetic powers and was taken by the government to be groomed as an assassin. Later, through the help of one of the scientists working on the project, she escaped. After exacting her revenge on those who created her, she became a vigilante in the streets of Zoopolis. This led to a series of run ins with World Wildlife Federation of Justice members such as Go-Rilla and Shaolin Monkey. Eventually they convinced her to join the team.

Powers: limited telekinesis and fear projection. Camouflage cloak. Ninja-oriented skills and octopus-related gadgets.

World Wildlife Federation of Justice: Mach Turtle

Mach Turtle! Click to embiggen
Mach Turtle! Click to embiggen

Partially inspired by Cecil Turtle of Warner Bros cartoon fame, Mach Turtle not only is fast, but he flies…like a jet! His jet stuff pops out of compartments in his shell, of course.

This is the first draft. I’m actually not great at drawing the mechanical techno-military stuff so I’m hoping to make him cooler looking in the next iteration.