Toren Taiwan Trip 22: Elephant (Xiang Shan) Mountain, Songshan Tianbao Holy Road Palace, and Lin Jiang Street Night Market (Part 1)

March 12 2022

Elephant Mountain on the East side of Taipei in the Xinyi district, is easily accessible and not too difficult a hike, although there are a lot of stairs at the onset.

Xianghan, one of the Sishou Hills was named for the elephant because of its long-nose shape, is a small mountain with a rich ecology and amazing views of Taipei.

Finding the entrance…

a cute little domicile near the base of the mountain

The starting point. There’s a lot of steps at the beginning! Bring water!

What you’re in for…

Where are we right now?

My god, the foliage!!!

We’re 10 minutes in (really)? and we’ve arrived at the observation deck!

I’M HUGE! The first viewing platform


Hope this helps


I think it means “watch out for snakes”

Now we’re getting somewhere? Where, I don’t know.

Climb the stairway of destiny….

Now where am I?

We have arrived at 北星寶宮 – A small temple with a road on the mountain!

17 minutes according to google…not sure about that!

Checking out the facade…

On to the next whatever

Watch your step!

Tianbaoshengdao Temple AKA Songshan Tianboa Holy Road Palace

Another 10 minutes will get you here!

How could they keep that ki-rin in that tiny jail?

Heading down to the street

Another 15 minute walk along the road, through Yongchunpi Wetland Park (watch out for mosquitos) and you’re back in the city!