Amanohashidate – Quite Possibly the Best Place in Japan

A really magical place and one of the best days of my life!

Getting there…

Don’t do this
Many wonderful views from the shinkansen

Arrival, wandering in the wrong direction, renting bikes…

biking along the sandbar

The Village at the bottom of the hill

Time to take the ski lift up the mountain!

At the platform, ready to take in the view

We could have gone further up the mountain for a proper hike, but we felt we didn’t have time so we just went up a few steps. Saw a murder hornet!

back down again
Are these turtles okay? They seem trapped. Maybe they like being trapped.

Let’s explore the temple grounds

At the temple there are many signs to protect your food from these birds of prey
Life at the temple – a black cat ponders koi

We saw a persimmon tree growing in someone’s yard so I went to take a closer look

a closer look
a view of the beach along the sandbar

What a glorious day! Until next time!