Toren’s Taiwan Trip 9: Taitung to Hualien


The car was making weird noises so we took it to a mechanic! I enjoyed the giant seed pod trees nearby

Many wondrous sights were beheld along the oceanside #11 Highway

We stopped for a Taiwanese sausage made at the side of the road near Changbin township

Not long after we were up the mountain highway and I ate an ice cream bar at the Baqi Rest Stop. I saw a macaque in a tree on the way up!

We soon arrived in Hualien and checked into the Edinburgh B&B. Wandered around the city and found a store that sells Magic cards

As the evening came we walked out to the Dongdamen Night Market

being the pandemic, they were looking for really hot people

We didn’t stay long, as it was raining and started to get a bit crowded as the evening wore on

Next time: Taroko Gorge!