Resto Rants: Incendio Pizzeria

I went to a pizzeria and ordered anything but pizza.

Incendio Pizzeria

Their blurb: “Specializing in brick oven-fired thin-crust pizzas and pastas, Incendio is Gastown’s original pizzeria, having served the neighbourhood since 1996″


Address: 103 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2R4

Phone: (604) 688-8694
11:30AM–3PM, 5–10PM weekdays except Friday till 11pm, Not open during the day on Saturday, other weird hours on Sunday.
Booths? No
When I dined: Weekday lunch
Noisy? Kind of, from people.
Candies with your bill? No
Lives up to it’s name? I suppose

First off the main doors aren’t the main doors, the side door is the main door. Luckily I came with a friend the first time otherwise I may never have made it into the restaurant. The restaurant is a decent size (I’m so over tiny cramped restaurants in this town) but the tables are still a little too close together in some areas.

I have been to the restaurant twice, both times they seated me in a corner, which is fine and actually usually preferred, however it was very cold in the restaurant. The service has been fine both times I’ve been to Incendio.

The wait for the food was not excessive. The food was ok. I had a caprese salad the first time I went and it was decent. The second time I had the lasagna (they don’t specify whether it’s meat or vegetarian on the menu – it’s beef) and it was disappointing. It wasn’t terrible but for $17 I expected much better. Or if not better tasting, than probably 25% more volume. My companion asked what vegetables were in a pasta dish she wanted to order and the server gave her a list that did not include onions. The dish came with onions which she can’t digest so that was another disappointment, also she said the onions seemed past their prime.

In short, there’s nothing in this restaurant that will have me coming back when there are so many other restaurants in the area, like Sitar or even Old Spaghetti Factory, which while not a purveyor of the highest quality pasta at least you get a bunch of other stuff including ice cream for the money you pay.

Biggest Rave: The bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar was tasty.

Biggest Rant: Why is it so cold in your restaurant? With a name like Incendio, i shouldn’t need to keep my jacket on.

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