Toren's Resto Rants vol 6: Caffe Barney

This seems like a decent place to go to drink alcohol. I don’t really drink alcohol.

Caffe Barney

Their blurb: No website = no blurb. Sad for them.


Address: 2526 Main St, Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 568-0426
Sunday through Monday: 9am to midnight
Friday and Saturday: 9am to 1am
When I visited: Lunch
Booths? No
Noisy? Kind of.
Lives up to its name? I did not see Barney.
Candies with your bill? No!

I have been here at least two times. Despite the fact that it’s not a large joint I have never had a problem getting seated – maybe I just arrived at opportune times (like on a Wednesday at 11:45am). I have ordered the nachos which were decent and I have ordered the “Bobb Cobb.” I don’t know why it’s called the Bobb Cobb. Did Bobb make it? Does Bobb really have an extra ‘b’ at the end? Does it stand for ‘bargain?’ Anyway, the food is decent enough. The prices aren’t bad. The ambience is fine and I didn’t recall any loud or horrible music so that’s a plus. They have a front patio. I saw on another review they have a back patio but I never went back there. The servers were friendly enough but they were not very attentive – this seems to be a common complaint here.

Biggest Rave: Brunch until 4pm! Yeah!

Biggest Rant: The server didn’t ask if we wanted the bill split before she brought it, then had to take it back to split it. Then when she came back she let half of my party pay for the bill (me) but then walked away for several minutes leaving my associate waiting and wondering if she would be back. I took the opportunity to pet a dog. The dog was nice-looking but could have been friendlier. 3/5 for the dog.


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