Toren's Resto Rants vol 4: Tangent Cafe

I don’t drink beer, I only review the food.

image taken from Tangent's facebook page
image taken from Tangent’s facebook page

Tangent Cafe

Their blurb: “gathering friends around great food & beer”


Address: 2095 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4V1
Phone:(604) 558-4641
When I visited: Weekday evening.
Booths? Ooh – I don’t think so.
Noisy? Yes!?
Lives up to its name? I didn’t see any tangents but I could have made some.
Candies with your bill? I saw a big bowl of candies, but none came with our bill. So I just took one on the way out.

On a Wednesday night my friends and I tried to get in to Mezcaleria (1.5 hour wait) and then Kishimoto (1 hour wait) and wanted to eat immediately so we were happy to find that Tangent Cafe had no wait time. This looks like a regular white dude pub but I was pleased to find their menu has a “West” side with burgers and paninis and an “East” side with various Malaysian dishes. I came with three friends and I ordered the Malaysian chicken burger (which was tasty but didn’t strike me as overly Malaysian) and Malaysian poutine which was quite good (fries and cheese with curry sauce and chicken). My friends ordered chicken wings and mee goreng and I didn’t hear any complaints.

The service was not great. We waited a while to get water and our orders, and then waited a longer while (too long) for dessert and the bill. The dessert was amaretto-banana flambe roti and it was excellent.

They have a patio, which was nice to get away from the musicians (I don’t understand live music in restaurants – either as a patron or a musician).

Biggest Rave: No wait to get in!

Biggest Rant: They played recorded music on the speakers while live musicians played on stage. We had to ask them to turn off one of them (they chose the pre-recorded).

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