Toren's Resto Rants vol 1: Martini's


Martini’s Whole Wheat Pizza
“Comfy eatery with exposed brick & a bar open until late, crafting pizzas & diverse dishes.”
Address: 151 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P4
Hours: open until midnight at least
Booths? kind of
When I dined: Usually lunch.
Noisy? Can be.
Lives up to its name? Yes you can order martinis.
Candies with your bill? Yes but they’re lame.

Martini’s is perfectly serviceable western food, and it’s 2 blocks from my work so I am there once a week. They usually have good lunch specials that come with soup and other junk. When I feel like eating healthy I have the grilled chicken salad (sometimes this comes on tomato bocconcini salad, sometimes Greek salad). Otherwise I have the lamb pita wrap or a chicken burger. Weird thing – they put black olives and pineapple in their green salad. I kind of like it. Prices are adequate. Service is decent. Generally speaking, this entire restaurant is adequate. They bill themselves as a pizza place but if you want pizza there are much better places to go in the city.

Biggest Rave: once they had a grilled chicken salad with gorgonzola in it that was amazing. Unfortunately it was just the one time and I have never seen it on the menu since.

Biggest Rant: The server forgot about us and we were about to leave after waiting something like 40 minutes. Then she said “oh we’ll get your meal to you immediately” then it took another 20 minutes and even after my friend had to leave to get back to work (before the food finally arrived) they didn’t even give us a discount.

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No, not Marteny's - Martini's!
No, not Marteny’s – Martini’s!