Panels for Primates Preview

Here’s a tiny preview of an eleven page comic I’m illustrating for the Panels for Primates anthology. This story is written by Mark “Northguard” Shainblum and will be lauded by anyone who like Curious George and/or Superfriends parodies. I’m pretty jazzed about being associated with Rick “Classics Illustrated” Geary. Additionally, proceeds from the book will go towards Primate Rescue Center.

UVic student and former Camosun student Troy Wilson is fighting to raise money for a primate sanctuary and he’s going about it with an unusual approach. Wilson is the editor of Panels for Primates, an online anthology of comic strips about primates. The project started in October and one new comic strip will be installed every Wednesday until sometime in April. At the end of each installment is a page encouraging people to donate to the Primate Rescue Center.

Wilson admits the fundraising initiative is “an odd endeavour” and questions whether many people will donate money online for something they can view for free. But he says he hopes comic lovers will come around, as his own appreciation for comics inspired him to take on the project from the start.

There’s a PayPal icon right on the Primate Rescue Center homepage now (, and you don’t need PayPal accounts to use it; you can click on that icon and use credit cards as well.  And here’s an important detail: when people donate, they need to specify that it is a Panels for Primates donation.  Otherwise, their donation won’t count towards our total.  There is a box/field at the end of the PayPal process in which they can specify this.

Panels for Primates is @panels4primates on twitter

Here’s another article about the project.