Star Trek Convention

Today I dropped into the Star Trek Convention at the Sheraton Wall Centre downtown for a few hours. It was totally ridiculous and fun. I only had time to stay for 2 events: the auction and the Q&A with Armin Shimerman.

The auction was outrageous. There were people in that room who dropped $500-$1000 on vinyl banners of Shatner and Nimoy etc. I’m all for nerdy crap but in the words of Shatner on SNL — “get a life.” I can think of a dozen things off the top of my head to do with $1000 besides buy memorabilia. Yes the price tag included front of the line privileges at the autograph table with the stars, but still. How about buying a kid a text book? The whole scene was extremely entertaining but I had to shake my head.

The next event was a talk with Quark from Deep Space Nine. Super nice guy and he performed a bit of Shakespeare for us. I wanted to get my $20 worth so I went up and asked him about acting through the ferengi teeth. Jar Jar Binks was there. Yeah, that’s right.

Oh and I met with Duncan and Sonja and we stole some peoples seats. At least for a while.

And in other sci-fi news, earlier in the morning I went with Mike to the workshop of Chris who is making our spaceship wreckage for the “20 Minutes of Oxygen” video shoot. It’s going to be awesome.