WWFJ Collectible Cards? Yes!

For the 2010 Chicagoland Entertainment Collectibles Expo this year I was asked to draw some cards for the Treasure Chest of Art charity project, benefitting the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation. Among the other artists are Mark Texeira, Jeff (D&D) Easley, Norm (Batman)Breyfogle, Dan (Nocturnals) Brereton, Evan Dorkin, Arthur (Heavy Metal) Suydam, and Adam (Wonder Woman) Hughes, among many others. This is the first time the World Wildlife Federation of Justice characters will appear in the same project as the Star Wars universe. Here are my submissions – it’s a veritable Who’s Who of the WWFJ universe!

2 Replies to “WWFJ Collectible Cards? Yes!”

  1. Outstanding news for exposure and for charity. The World Wildlife Federation of Justice fights for the cure!

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