WWFJ – Death Wattle

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Here’s the newest (rough) colour sketch for the nefarious and wholly nasty villain Death Wattle

Earlier Version

He will be featured in the World Wildlife Federation of Justice

supplement for Mutants & Masterminds published by Atomic Overmind Press, which means you can read his secret origin, and compare his stats and power level against other WWFJ characters. And if you’re a player of Mutants & Masterminds the roleplaying game you can pit him against your superhero group. Sure…why not?

He is the arch-nemesis of Astromandrill, in case you were wondering, which makes him a fearsome foe indeed! He is also the leader of the Flock of Evil.

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http://www.thickets.net/toren/world-wildlife-federation-of-justice/ for a preview of the cover of the book (which will be a pdf to start).