I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell you what this is for. But I can tell you that I’m having a lot of fun with it. This is a very preliminary sketch. Stylistic inspirations: Mike McMahon, Jamie Hewlett, Bruce Timm, and yes, Frank Miller (hate his writing, love his drawing).

Though it doesn’t look it now, there will be clothes on everyone. Probably something punkapocalyptic. Big army boots, converse shoes, raggedy blood-stained tanktops, choker collars, metal wristbands, that sort of thing. Hardcore big-busted gore-soaked butch lesbians kickin’ ass.

I’ve blocked it out with a lot of heavy blacks and color-coded the various figures for clarity. I like some more than others. My fave is the girl on the far right which is supposed to be pink but my scanner sucks hoof. I like the idea of the chainsaw but it’s actually a bit distracting shoved down in the bottom corner.

Another direction would be to give Jesus (yes that’s right) his sweaty crown of thorns and instead of the chainsaw he’d be wielding a huge wooden cross. I feel as though that would be some degree of awesome, and that feeling of awesome grows even as I finish typing this sentence.

Click the pic to make big:

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  1. This is sweet! The Miller and Timm influences are there, but I’m also seeing some Kevin O’Neill in the posing.
    BTW: totally agree about Miller. As Moore said, MIller only writes one story.

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