Oh, Internet

Here’s a thread from imdb that enforces my love/hate relationship with the internet:


It does make me want to draw an illustration however….

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  1. Always loved the (possibly not true) story about someone flying back to Vancouver and the person sitting next to them was worried that they hadn’t brought enough jackets and parkas (parkae?) to get from the plane to the “inside, where it’s warm again.” This was June, and they were worried about freezing to death on the runway, it seems.

    After a little teeth-gritting, the Vancouverite explained that it’s not that cold in Vancouver year round, and then the visitor asked:

    “You mean, not everyone lives in igloos?”

    the Vancouverite rolled their eyes, and after an exasperated breath told them

    “Yes, but it’s pronounced EYE-GLUE.”

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