WWFJ: Tarmadillo



Real Name: Harry Longnose

Identity: public (not generally known)

Group Affiliation: D.E.W.C.L.A.W. (Dominating Everyone With Chaos, Lawlessness And War)

First Appearance: (as Harry Longnose) TALES TO ENTHRALL #4; (as Tarmadillo) THE WORLD WILDLIFE FEDERATION OF JUSTICE #30

Quote: “Raghr! I’ll kill you!”

Personality: Manic-depressive. Psychotic.

Powers & Tactics: In addition to having a seemingly limitless life span, Tarmadillo’s flesh has been infused with unnatural bog mud which puts him in a semi-fluid state at all times. He enjoys overrunning his opponents and consuming them in his sticky bulk (leading to suffocation) but when less lucid he falls back on simple pummelling with his stretchable limbs.