Must be Sun Spots


Today at work we’ve been having a bunch of technical issues – gmail wasn’t working for me, problems with various other equipment. I thought what I usually think when something weird happens – must be solar activity. Which is of course only partially ridiculous.

So then I decided to find out if there was a website which reports on ‘space weather’ and indeed there is!

Today, “A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, but it is not stirring up geomagnetic storms or auroras. Geomagnetic activity should remain low.”

It also has a cool chart with PHAs – Potentially Hazardous Asteroids –
“On June 29, 2009 there were 1065 potentially hazardous asteroids”
The closest one this month being 0.7 LD (lunar distance = 384,401 km) away, though it was only 21 meters across.

And that’s neat to me!

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  1. What’s the picture from? And will I have to stalk this thread to see the response?

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