I Will Be At Word on the Street Again This Year!

Oh, hello blog! Did you think I forgot about you? No, despite the fact that they’re saying Facebook Notes are the new blogs.

So, yeah…KhanCon. Lost some money, but enjoyed by all. Choice quotes:

“I thought you did a fantastic job organizing and hosting the event. Really an amazing day from start to finish. I’m very excited to see what other events you and the Second Level Wizards put on.” – Racan S

“Easily one of the greatest single day events i’ve been too in quite some time.” – Chris M

Come to our Ghostbusters con on the 20th!

So I’ve been working on a super secret project for Flying Lab Software and also pre-production illustrations for the feature film Legacy by Enderby Entertainment. So that was fun, and both of those jobs are done.

Now I’m working on a comic book story written by my former “Outnumbered” pals from Critical Hit Comics, which will go in an anthology published by Ed Brisson’s New Reliable Press.

Second project is working on a pitch for an interesting take on a superhero world with a fellow who was referred to me by Steve Rolston.

Third project is a pinup for Jesus Hates Zombies.

Fourth project is a story about a monkey mascot for a twisted superhero group for an anthology to be announced.

Fifth project is sleep. Although I did have a meeting with a book publisher here in town about their move into the world of graphic novels which sounds very interesting. Thanks again to Steve Rolston.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be sharing a table with Steve “Much the Miller’s Son” Lecoulliard on September 27th at Word on the Street – it’s at the Vancouver Public Library, bottom floor (Word UNDER the Street). I’ll be selling all my crap there so if you want my crap then you should come and give me money and I’ll give you crap.  And that way I can make more better crap in the future.

In very recent news today I rode my bike through the graveyard and it was quite nice. I went to two garage sales and all I bought was blank paper. Dogles will be so proud, especially considering there was a box of Star Trek stuff including actual photographs of Leonard Nimoy at a convention, patterns for TNG suits (kids only otherwise I would have bought) and action figures including Ilia the bald alien lady from the first film. Yeah I dig bald women, what about it?