Homeopathy Kills Infant (in a roundabout way)

I’m very interested to see if this case will have any bearing on crackpot medicines becoming more regulated and/or made illegal.

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  1. that is a really sad story.
    In Canada the government regularly apprehends children whose parents won’t pursue medical care and the child’s life is in danger. The idea is that if you are an adult you can make a choice about your own medical care but a child is not able to make an informed choice and has a right to adequate care.

    I don’t think it should be about making these things illegal but it should be about making sure people have the choice to pursue adequate care. (In many countries people may pursue natural remedies as the cost is less than conventional medicines.) This isn’t the case in the situation that you linked to but it would be impacted by regulation – you would be removing choices rather than creating adequate ones.

  2. Most scams are illegal. Homeopathy is a scam – there is no possible way it can work medically beyond the placebo effect. If someone wants to choose to take homeopathic remedies for themselves, that’s fine, that’s comparable to treating a cold with chicken soup in terms of medicinal efficacy, but homeopathic “medicine” should not be available for sale.

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