Hero of the Wasteland (Gamma World)

Today in Chilliwack my brother unlocked the vault of childhood goodies and let me borrow a couple of books for GAMMA WORLD. Flipping through them on the ride home I got inspired for the mini-campaign based on the Mutilator cartoons I have been loosely planning for some time.

Long ago, they say, men ruled an Earth green with lush vegetation, living through a hundred winters and never wanting for food. Gas & other fuels were everywhere, and mechanical slaves saw to their masters’ every wish.

Then came the day of reckoning.

Mountains fell, oceans boiled, and the sky grew white with fire. The earth became a wasteland of radiation and death, plagued with barbaric mutants who live only to kill. Thousands of years later, civilization struggles to regain a foothold on the savage frontier of giant radioactive jungles and the abomination-infested remains of the cities of the Ancients.

It is in this time that the survivors of a decimated tribe of man fight for their survival. The Driver, The Mechanic, the Hunter, The Cook, the Farmer, the Healer, the Herder and their kin, routed from their homestead must trek across the brutal wasteland in search of a new home, but how many will survive the onslaught of man, monster, machine and mutant?

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  1. But which edition? The one-true 1st edition, the less-cool-but-still-acceptable 2nd edition or some lesser edition? Of course there is always Metamorphosis Alpha. . .

  2. I have the Alpha through Omega (3rd edition?) modules as pdfs if you ever want them.

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