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In this update:
1. Khan-Con Star Trek Mini-Convention http://tinyurl.com/khancon
2. Wizard Needs Food Badly
3. Your Mage’s Guild & You
4. From the Trapped Wizard’s Chest
5. Wizard Friendly – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY


1. Lots of news regarding Khan-Con, Vancouver’s only Star Trek convention! http://tinyurl.com/khancon

Where: The Rio Theatre, Broadway @ Commercial Dr
When: Saturday May 16, Doors open at 10am
How: $14 (Add just $5 for the new Trek film) @ Elfsar Comics, RX Comics, Rio Theatre or PayPal to thickets@uniserve.com

Got photos of your Trek costume from Hallowe’en or your meeting with Seven of Nine? Email them to thickets@uniserve.com and we’ll put them up on the big screen between films for all to bask in.


– Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! (2pm)
– New Star Trek film by JJ Abrams. (4:30pm)
– Classic Trek episode “Space Seed” introducing Khan Noonien Singh.
– Local Fan-Made episode of ST:TNG “Chains of Betrayal” w/ director & cast in attendance for Q&A.
-Star Trek Animated episode featuring Eugenics War scientist who wants to make an army of Spock clones.
– Trek Poetry Slam – you have 3 minutes to recite your own Trek Poetry. Prizes supplied by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and Vancouver Gaming Guild.
– Costume Contest! Star Trek “Scene It” video game prize provided by Drexoll Games.
– Chorgh Mile Klingon Rap Battle. Official Rules are on the facebook group & website. Prizes supplied by Arc Dream & RX Comics.
– even MORE stuff

Yes, we need volunteers! Email info@secondlevelwizards.com

2. Help Promote 2LW Events.

Please help promote Second Level Wizards events to any relevant forums or groups you belong to, and please suggest any ideas you have to us. The more successful our events the easier it is for us to organize more! Visit us at www.secondlevelwizards.com and http://twitter.com/2lw – join the Facebook group and count yourself among the attendees for our upcoming events. Have your say in the comments and let us help make Vancouver more nerdy!

3. Second Level Wizards Membership.

2LW is a society dedicated to making Vancouver more nerdy and weird. We have lots of ideas coming down the pipe and they all depend on people like you bringing yourself and your friends to our events. Your membership allows us to screen unrated films at a public venue, namely The Rio Theatre. Membership is $5 and lasts 1 year. Your membership not only gets you in to the Saturday Morning Cartoon Parties, but gives you discounts on other public 2LW events and special swag like the exclusive Official Khan-Con pinback button. Sign up for a membership at any 2LW event.

4. Second Level Wizards Merch.

Don’t forget you can sign up for a Second Level Wizards T-shirts at any 2LW event. $15 for a 2LW logo on a white Gildan cotton T-shirt, email your size and PayPal to thickets@uniserve.com. Also, pick up a 2LW button! Don’t be outclassed by those grubby first level wizards!

5. Wizard Friendly Events: May 2 Free Comic Book Day.

When you get out of the Rio Theatre on May 2 from Saturday Morning Cartoon Party IV, visit your local comic book store and pick up some free comics! Don’t know where your closest comic shop is? Type “vancouver comics” into google maps. Here’s what’s happening at Yaletown’s Elfsar Comics:
http://www.elfsar.com/FCBD/FCBD_2009.htm Get 5 Free Comics – Donate to the food bank and get 5 more free comics, plus a photo with costumed Heroes and Villains and an entry into a raffle of your choice. Free Comic Book Day starts at 11am and going until 7:00pm. We have 4 special guests who will be at Elfsar at various times (they will all be at Elfsar between 1-4pm) KAARY ANDREWS (Spider-man Reign); CAMILLA D’ERRICO (Nightmares & Fairy Tales); SEAN O’REILLY (ARCANA STUDIOS); DARYL MANDRYK (Star Wars)
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