New Handwriting System to be Adopted by World

In an effort to take notes quicker and generally be more efficient, I propose the following changes to the alphabet:


Simple, elegant, and nothing too drastic. Upper and Lower case distinctions? Gone. Let the graphic designers keep them for as an art form.

The ‘R’ required the most thought. No one letter requires you to remove your stylus from the writing surface.

In a world of the internet and contractions like UR and LOL I think this will be easily adopted by today’s youth and lazy buggers everywhere. Enjoy my gift to you, world – Donations accepted by PayPal and will go towards further philanthropic ventures.

Yes, I really should be working.

2 Replies to “New Handwriting System to be Adopted by World”

  1. Reminds me of the graffiti handwriting stuff for handwriting recognition on PDA’s. Also you really need to find something more to do when Deanna’s away!

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