Through A Glass Darkly

I can’t speak for my workmates (I can, but I better not) but for me one of the great pastimes at work is watching women go by as I sit in front of our computers behind the great big windows. We’ve gotten to know most of the locals by sight. There’s Lulu Lemon, the Librarian, and My Favourite Lesbian Couple, the latter of whom must have moved away as I haven’t seen them in months.

We are right across from Mestisos pet spa so we see a lot of dogs pooping, but today right in front of the three of us, on the sidewalk, at the intersection where everyone walks, one of the women in the nearest apartment building stopped as her dog was talking a crap. She didn’t clean up after it and we were all outraged. Trevor banged on the window as she walked away but she either didn’t hear or ignored it.

As the day progress the poop was kicked and trodden on until Trevor couldn’t take it anymore. He walked out and pulled up a clutch of dandelions and put it over top of the poop. “That just makes it more of a trap” I laughed and indeed by the time I left the flowers were about a foot away from the poo.

I think I’m going to keep my camera handy and the next time the woman comes by I’ll take a snapshot of her, make up a poster like this, and hang up copies all around the neighborhood (especially her building). And then take a photo of the poster to submit to