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When I press ALT-TAB to flip between programs, I often get an “alert popup” that I can’t actually look at when I flip to it, though I can close it with ALT-F4. I’m just wondering how I can find out what’s going on, and why my computer sometimes reports mysterious errors. Any ideas?

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  1. Hard to say. It could be “offscreen”. Does it show up on the taskbar? Can you go to Task Manager and see a name for it there?

    You can try moving it onto the screen by hitting alt-space and then “m” and then using arrow keys to move the window so it’s visible.

  2. Alt-Esc can sometimes bring message windows to the forefront.
    Depending on your Windows version you may be able to run EventVwr.exe (Start menu -> Run), then check the Application, Security and System logs.

  3. None of that stuff worked.

    It does not show up on the task bar or the task manager.

    Alt-space and m just moved my mouse cursor up and down. Does that mean the alert popup is my mouse? That would be weird.

    eventvwr.exe only shows stuff from 2006.

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