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  1. How I’m sexist: I think if women were in charge of the world there’d be the same amount of war but it would be concentrated during five days a month.


    How about this one?

    There’d be just as much war, but it wouldn’t be over valuable things like “oil” or “land” but “shoes” and “dirty looks”.

  2. Started the quiz, but abandon quite quickly. The questions and statements were so broad that it was skewed from the outset. Everything seemed black or white, no room for human diversity of thought or subtlety. The quiz was designed to make an obvious point, which I think is a noble point, but I dislike being herded into political enlightenment.

  3. i agree, that test was terrible. Some of the questions were ambiguous – it wasn’t clear what I was saying yes to!

    But anyway…. here’s how I’m sexist: If women ran the world there probably would be a lot less war, but a fuckbag more scheming and backstabbing!

  4. that survey was heterosexist in that many of the questions defined sexism through women’s intimate relationships with men. Although this is a place where women face inequality it certainly isn’t the only place. Plus, many women are in same-sex relationships and still experience sexism.

    I like the idea though. Needs some tweaking. I have found that it doesn’t work to use word games to “trick” someone to making visible their stereotypes and assumptions.

    two words Toren – Margaret Thatcher.

    She bombed the crap out of several places when she was in power. Indira Ghandi was also pretty violent.

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