WWFJ Heroes – Power UP!

I’ve already started some colour studies but they’re too hideous to inflict on you at this time. So here’s the line drawings – now it’s time to try to name the characters again….


(click to enlargenate)

Give up? Enormouse, Astromandrill, The Great Wolverini, Dynamole, Shaolin Monkey, Haardvark, Crackerjackal, Metalligator, Octopussycat, Go-Rilla.

Originally Dupligator was going to be in here but I swapped in Octopussycat for a number of reasons, partly because I didn’t want two alligators in one picture, but also because the main reason I was putting him in was because he was going to be a sample PC in the book, but I’ve put the kibosh on that due to game-breaking powers. Which means those powers may be better suited for a villainous character, and I am more than okay with Dupligator switching sides.