Villains Colour Study


What you are looking at is a (very rough) colour study for half of the cover of the World Wildlife Federation of Justice supplement for Mutants & Masterminds.


How many characters can you name? I’ll give you a minute to try – click the image for a larger version!

Give up?

Top row: Shockatiel, Woolly Marmot

Second row: Salamancer, Hypnopotamus, Doctor Gnucleus

Third row: Tarmadillo, Earthquack

Bottom row: Rhinosferatu, Velocelot, Cardinal Sin.

Not all of these characters are going to be in the supplement, but we (that is to say Atomic Overmind Press and I) will be releasing additional PDFs as time goes on.

What I learned doing the colour study was a) I put two very dark characters (Tarmadillo and Rhinosferatu) right next to eachother, b) I have no idea what colour Salamancer’s costume should be (I do like the orange skin with dark spots), c) I need to do a lot more work, such as nail down the costume colours for Shockatiel, Velocelot, Dr Gnucleus (also his fur colour) and Earthquack.

You may be asking “where’s Elk Diablo, Elephantom, Chinchiller and Clock-A-Doodle-Doo?” and to that I reply “mfirldlbx.”

Also I thought of two new really crappy character names today: Contortoise and Plantypus. Yes, a stretchy tortoise and a platypus that controls plants. Only slightly better than plantelope, don’t you think? Or VegetaBull – the bull who’s in a terminal coma! Oi.

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