Octopussycat Version IV

When I was originally sketching up the World Wildlife Federation of Justice I couldn’t get a handle on Octopussycat’s design. Here’s the last one of that old series:

Here’s some reworking I did on the weekend:

Not sure about the colours but I’m reasonably happy with the design.

4 Replies to “Octopussycat Version IV”

  1. I must say I like the face better in the pencil version. I know you’re trying to give it a certain Hanna Barbera feel, but she loses a bit of her cool factor with the more cartoony face.

  2. You have earlier sketches that are more awesome. The very first one I think? Maybe it was the second one. Dunno man, I’d stick with a more sinister dangerous version of Octopussycat.

  3. The design, especially with the purple and red, is making me think of Alley-Kat-Abra. I am guessing that’s not a bad thing?

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