Funday Sunnies

Here is the cover for Funday Sunnies, the book which my “Go-Rilla VS Elk Diablo” comic strip will appear. I’m getting 3o-something copies and they’ll sell for $6. RESERVE YOUR ISSUE TODAY! They’re currently at the printer which means I’ll have them before Emerald City Comicon.

Anyone have ideas for a launching party venue? Apparently Jem Gallery is closing down which is a real shame.


2 Replies to “Funday Sunnies”

  1. I’ll buy one! We can send it to the kids who worship you like a god aka my nieces and nephews.

  2. I’ll buy one too. That’s terrible about the Jem. I loved that little space. It reminded me of several similar places in my old neighborhood in NY. I hope they’re not replacing it with another Starbucks.

    Though they could use another Starbucks down there, there’s only 1! And six other coffee shops w/in one block.

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