The villainous speedster (and member of D.E.W.C.L.A.W.) Velocelot has a costume that turned out to be way less difficult to visualize than that of Dupligator. I only did four versions before I settled on the “V” motif – which fits with her name of course. I am not sure about the colours for her – I will likely do some more tests.

I often think practically about superheroes – usually too much – and so when I design costumes I think about how their powers affect their costumes and suchlike. For a speedster you can really give them any ridiculous costume because no matter how many accessories they may need to don, it will still take them the blink of an eye to transform into their alias. So the tail-encompassing unitard here doesn’t bother me like it might for other characters.

On the topic of practical thinking, I’ve decided whereas most heroes will have a cowl or mask to hide their identity, one can assume that any villain that’s been around for a while has been arrested multiple times so the face-hiding mask is superfluous. In Velocelot’s case it would be a shame to cover up the neat natural ocelot face markings anyway.




3 Replies to “Velocelot”

  1. I don’t know. I’m digging the top left hand corner version. Depending on the colours you use, maybe some sort of test pattern that makes your eyesight blur?

  2. Now you’ve made me publicly admit I’m too lazy to draw interesting but arduous designs over and over again…

  3. I’d say try a black and brown/orange colouration, like the actual ocelet colours. Yellow and red have been done for speedsters. Unless there is a reason for the colouration that I’m unaware of.

    Did you want to work the markings into the costume as well? If so, perhaps really simplified variant could be a few stripes or a band of spots. Judging from the very primary look of your other villains, this might not jibe well with the over all look/feel you are going for but might be worth a look.

    The tail encompassing unitard serves a practical purpose too. More aerodynamic!

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