Cardinal Sin

A cardinal.

First draft of Cardinal Sin


Sketches for new version. There’s so many hilarious things I could include in the design, but again simplicity is key and I don’t want to make it too busy with bandoliers and chains and nooses and vests and whatnots.


Final sketch. The stogie is key, the board with the nail through it definitely is his signature weapon. I think this character is unlike the typical supervillain – he’s not defined by his costume so he probably dresses differently from day to day. I’ve got to think of something hilarious that he can have on a patch on the back of his vest. Maybe a hand flipping ‘the bird.’ Haha – get it?


One Reply to “Cardinal Sin”

  1. I like the black “bandit” face more than the pseudo-beard. The scarred pupulous eye is a great addition, but I miss the studded shoulders. The gang jacket seems more fitting than the original military uniform. The chain belt with ninja-star buckle is likewise a keeper. As well, the hang-man’s necklace was a truly inspired addition. It would be a shame to see that detail go.

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