Emerald City ComiCon April 4th & 5th

Deanna and I are going down to Seattle to visit the Sci Fi Museum and….the Emerald City Comicon this year! It will be my first time. I know a bunch of people from Van who are going down including sometime associates of mine Critical Hit Comics and Cloudscape Comics…to name a couple.

I won’t have a table for myself but I may be able to horn in on some space if I beg pathetically enough, and I’ll be taking my Rhinosferatu sketchbook with me to try to get some more drawings (do you think Bruce Timm does sketches for free?)

I’ll have to bring a bunch of my pens down and get some proper cards made up, as well as some “tear sheets” of my art. Maybe I’ll even find a publisher for a WWFJ series. What say you to that, true-believer?

Speaking of which, today I updated the WWFJ page:


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  1. Glad you’re going to make ECCC this year. It’s a fun show and we just moved the venue to a larger space (the upstairs where PAX was showing off demos).

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