Now We Play Rock Band 2 At Home

Yesterday we rented a car, took it out for some errands and then drove to Chilliwack for Cthulhumas up top Rider Lake Mountain or whatever giant hill my brother lives on. Driving was fine on the way but coming back it started to snow and it got scary fast. Two cars slid off the road just in front of us between Abbotsford and Langley and we saw many others just sitting on the side of the highway, some with hazards on and some not. Even more fun was getting it back to Budget this morning but we had no mishaps and now we can look back and guffaw.

Since we were out we decided we better get an xbox 360 to go with our copy of Rock Band 2. So we waited for the #8 Fraser bus going downtown. There was a stack of people waiting so we figured the bus would come soon. It took another 5-10 minutes or so and four buses came all at once. That’s a new record for me. We went to EB Games in the Pacific Center Mall and the guy greeted us just as we went in the door. The conversation boiled down to this:

him: “You guys looking for anything in particular?”

us: “We want the xbox 360 with the 60 gig hard drive.”

him: “Anything else?”

us: “I don’t think so.”

Awkward silence.

us: “Well I guess we’ll go look at the games then.”

him: “They’re right over there.”

That was weird. We decided not to get any other games so we told the guy at the counter that we wanted the xbox and he went and got one from the back room.


When we got home we shoveled the walk and let Lunch roam around. I also brought Kodos out in the snow for the first time. I was holding him in my arms on the front walk and he began to pee. Kodos does not like change, and that’s exactly what I had to do to my clothes.


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