Two Things

1. Here are some more photos of Cthulhupalooza thanks to Rick

2. Java Joint charged my credit card three times. The first time she put my card through then walked away. She came back and said “it didn’t go through – I need your card again.” The second time she ran it through she realized the machine was out of paper. She asked for the card again. I said “you didn’t already charge my card twice did you?” She assured me the previous two didn’t go through. She was dead wrong, as my statement has told me. Now I’m going to go back and try to get my $20 back without a receipt. Wish me luck.

2.5. It has been a shitty day.

2 Replies to “Two Things”

  1. That’s some pretty bad card charging there. Those machines have a memory so when they’re out of paper you can press a button once you get it replaced and it prints out what it missed.

    We’ve been double-charged a few times in a few places, most recently for a takeout order. We just phoned them back and they reversed one of the charges without a problem.

  2. Well the good news is that I went back today and got my money back. And then bought some berry cobbler.

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