Another Fan Gets It Off His Chest

Gentlemen of the Thickets,

An associate of mine that trafficks in the esoteric and arcane exposed me to your Shadow out of Tim work. The experience was mostly pleasant, as the melodies swept me away to places that I had only otherwise experienced in dreams. After repeated listenings though, I started to notice that the vocal and musical qualities are such that no human could actually perform. I also find myself mouthing along the strange incantations, as if somehow compelled. These realizations chill me, as I also seem to subconsciously initiate the music without even realizing what I am doing. I often bolt straight up out of my chair, upon coming to my senses, while the music is playing at a volume quite unsuitable for a cultured gentleman such as myself.

I fear that outer forces are now acting upon me through your music, and that I’m not long for this world. As a final defiant act before I succumb, I plan to purchase one of these infernal discs for myself to prevent at least one more of your potential victims. The public must not be allowed to find out about your other eldritch merchandise, so I’ll likely be picking up a t-shirt or two as well.

Ia~! Ia~! Thickets!

Your newly converted cultist,