Saturday Morning Cartoon Party Phase Two

Hey, the Red Tornado episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold airs Friday on Cartoon Network.

Now, What if I held the next Saturday Morning Cartoon Party at The Rio theatre, spread over 4 weeks, for 3-4 hours a pop? Would you come? What would you want to see?


2008 schedule: Time  smcp2008.pdf

2007 schedule: Mind Games: 2007-saturday-morning-cartoon-party-schedule

2006 schedule: April Fools: 2006-saturday-morning-cartoon-party-schedule-fools

2005 schedule: Space: 2005-saturday-morning-cartoon-party-schedule-space

2004 schedule: Doppelgangers: 2004-saturday-morning-cartoon-party-doppelgangers

2003 schedule: The Supernatural: 2003-saturday-morning-cartoon-party-supernatural

2002 schedule: Origins

2001 schedule: Robots! 2001-saturday-morning-cartoon-party-schedule-robots

2000 schedule:

1999 schedule:

1998 schedule: No theme.

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