Poopy Day

I’m typing this to you very slowly and painfully because I damaged my wrist on my bike this morning. On my way to work I took a corner too fast in the cold wet sludgy morning street and my wheels went out from under me. I landed on my elbow (bloody scrape), leg (holes in pants), and wrist (read on). It hurt a bit right when it happened but in my mind I thought “That’s gonna hurt come winter!” By late morning I couldn’t type and in the afternoon Trevor and I made a makeshift tenser bandage by cutting up an “oops” shirt. It seemed to make things worse so I took it off, took some drugs, and bought a small pack of frozen corn from Sunshine Market. Thereupon my wrist sat on and off for an hour or so.

When I wiped out my back brakes came unfastened somehow. The back brakes are used by my right hand, which is fine. My messed up hand was the only option for the front, working, brakes. Irony! It was manageable on the way to work but by the time I got off work that system would no longer work.

The bike shop closed at 6 and I got off work just after 5:30 which meant I had to semi-ride several blocks in the dark essentially with no brakes. Semi-ride means that I rode very slowly and used my feet as brakes a lot. Top that off with the fact that suddenly my bike light stopped working made for an annoying day.

But then it got worse!

Because my bike was in the shop I had to take transit, which made me get home late, and the dog peed on the rug because she couldn’t get outside in time.

And I accidentally set off the alarm.

And that’s my sob story.


2 Replies to “Poopy Day”

  1. The story needs a stronger, upbeat ending if it is going to sell in Hollywood. Maybe while accidentally setting off the alarm you discover that a baby is in danger from it’s startled crying and you save it from werewolves. It would sell, really.

    Hope your day goes better and you should get the wrist checked. Hairline fractures and such can be long term issues if untreated. And Doctors can give ya better drugs.

  2. Hey, next time you break a wrist or a bike on your way to work, give me a call. I could have given you and your faithful steed a ride home, most likely.

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