My Teeth Has Crud In It!

Today I got a root canal. I was practicing to be less tense in the dentist chair but it was hard because I really had to go peepee. But now the anesthetic has worn off and it feels fine (both my tooth and my peepee), except it’s got crud inside it that feels weird (definitely my tooth) and my tongue is getting sore from trying to smooth it over constantly (also my tooth). The dental office had 3 creatures in it. The cat was really cute – almost as cute as this:

Oh guess what! My dad is FINALLY in AA after countless years of overdrinking! Oh yes, internet friends – it’s overshare time! I hope my mom doesn’t mind. He enjoys washing down his meds with Coors Light so you can imagine the shenanigans he gets into. I’ll leave it at that. Poor Ma.

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