Copy That

Oh hi! So lately I’ve been busy organizing Cthulhupalooza which turned out to be a lot of work even with some wonderous volunteers. I was hoping to pickup the D&D reigns this month but between Cthulhupalooza and an art and a writing assignment the kibosh has been dealt.

Part of my organizational duties is keeping a supply of handbills on me at all times. I googled “copies” around my workplace and got this place called “Fortune 900” on Broadway near Oak. I called ahead and the guy on the other end of the phone told me that 20 or so black and white copies on coloured paper were 6-7 cents a piece. I went down there literally just a few minutes later – the door was locked (this was at 4pm) and when a lady opened it she told me that they didn’t do self serve photocopying. I asked what if I just wanted 50 copies and she said they’d be ten cents a piece. I am pretty sure she just wanted to get rid of me and it worked. I basically felt that I had been lied to and that doesn’t fly ’round these parts. I went to a different printer down the street (Prompt Printers) and got 50 copies on yellow paper for under 5 bucks including tax, and more importantly the guy was nice and helpful. So I sent a strongly worded email to Fortune 900 telling them exactly how much I disapprove of their habits. More details to follow if they send me a free coupon in shame.

Deanna has been looking after Dillon’s spazzy dog Angus this weekend right here in our home much to Kodos’ chagrin. Basically he spends most of the time hiding under the spare bed.

That’s all for now!

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