The Animation Show 4 at Vancity – Mark it, Dude

Nov 29-30, Dec 10-11

Sat 7 & 9 pm , Sun 7 & 9 pm , Weds 9:15 pm , Thurs 9:15 pm

Returning to the Vancity Theatre after a successful 2007 run, The Animation Show is an annual feature-length compilation of the best animated shorts from around the world, exclusively curated by Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge. The Animation Show launched in 2003, making it the first festival of animation created and produced with actual animators at the helm. A sister series of high quality DVDs now supplement the theatrical tour with additional insights and brand new lineups of films—while the main Show remains a unique and unforgettable annual program that is usually gone forever once it is out of theatres. This year’s Animation Show is anchored by especially commissioned work from animators around the world. The show will include the films listed below, plus special surprises. For more information on the films see

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