Cthulhupalooza! The details….

So, what’s gonna happen at Cthulhupalooza?

Well, there will be a Rock Band contest, for starters. You probably know that The Thickets got an exclusive track “Shhh….” on Rock Band this summer. Stewie and I have wrangled some hot amazing prizes from Jones Soda, Harmonix, Toy Vault, and others.

Oh, speaking of Jones Soda, they are going to provide us with literally hundreds of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets themed pops, including “Colour Me Green” Apple, Spacecorp Reconstituted Effluent, and many other cool flavours. This is exclusive to Cthulhupalooza in case you didn’t know.

We are screening the surprisingly great feature film “The Call of Cthulhu.” This is a silent film created by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, along with several other short Lovecraftian films like The Veil, The Summoning (for those who don’t read my blog, this last is the VFS short by the computer animation dept in which I get horribly killed by a Lovecraftian monster), and more.

Then The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are going to perform on the stage at The Rio with a brand new and one-time special costume presentation. No goat legs, no deep sea diving costume – something that we’ve always wanted to do but never had the venue for it. Now we do.

And the winner of the Rock Band contest can perform live with the band on stage for the track “Shhh….”!

Oh, we’re also making special Cthulhupalooza shirts and buttons – again exclusively for this event. And the whole thing is to support Child’s Play Charity!

Where oh where can you get tickets to this event?

From me of course ($16), or from any of these fine establishments:

Neptoon Records, Red Cat Records, RX Comics, Lucky’s Comics, Pulp Fiction Books (both locations), The Rio Theatre and Elfsar Collection in yaletown, High Life, Scratch Records and probably some other places.

If you only see one Thickets show, this will probably be the one to see. Just sayin’!

So visit http://www.cthulhupalooza.com to sign up for the contest (no extra charge! It’s FUN) and other details…

Don’t forget to listen to me on CiTR this Thursday – We All Fall Down every Thursday, from 13.00-14.00(PT) (that’s 1pm) on 101.9fm CiTR