Official Blurb for Historyonics Launch

And yes, I got my copies of the book if anyone wants to buy any. I almost definitely will be at the launch some time around 6:30 rather than at 1pm.

Historyonics: Stories Drawn from the Past – graffic novel launch featuring more than 15 Vancouver artists including: Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, Angela Melick, Leanne Riding, Colin Upton, Jack Hume, Jody Kramer, Toren Atkinson, Steve LeCouilliard , Caitlin Russell, Christopher Leinonen, Severine Leibundgut, Kevin Forbes, Alex and Scott Ritchings.
Join us Sunday Nov. 16th for the launch and comic jam. Launch party starts @ 1pm. Entertainment by the Viper Central.

225 Broadway East
Vancouver, BC