Internet: Rogers? Shaw? Telus?

As many of you know, Deanna and I are moving in together.
I already have phone service with Rogers.

What company should we get our internet from?

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  1. Listen to winter_coat. Apply that same thinking to Shaw and Rogers as well. All the big players offer expensive, shitty service. The law in Canada forces them to lease out their lines to smaller ISP’s, who tend to be cheaper and offer much better service. I switched from Telus (intermittent service, terrible customer service, weird charges showing up on my bill) to AEI 10 months ago and haven’t had a problem since. Plus, my bill is now $20/month instead of $35. You can find a free computer magazine called Hub (it might have another name in Vancouver) in cafes and places where you’d find the Georgia Straight. In the back is a long list of local ISPs. Check out a few and do a bit of research online. It’s definitely worth your time.

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