Saskatunes: The Thanksgiving Log 1

On Friday we picked up the car from Budget and after picking up $19 worth of candy from Candy Aisle we headed onto the Coquihalla. The toll booths have been bulldozed by the way because, you know, election year, so expect the upkeep on highways and transit to get worse. Many businesses were suspiciously closed at 4:50pm in downtown Kamloops so our options were Boston Pizza or The Commodore Cafe for linner. While we ate a German jazz singer set up her new speaker system and incessantly tested it out murmering “hhm hmm doo doo doo” into the mic overtop of whatever was already playing over the radio on the PA.

If you need to spend the night in Valemount for any reason, The Chateau Continental is nice. Our theory was that whatever had the most expensive sounding name would be the cheapest. It was $90 for a two queen bed room, though there were only 3 channels on the TV.

Breakfast is over at 10am in the restaurant next door but they made a basic breakfast especially for us, so we tipped well. Going through Jasper we saw some stuff, like this: