New Digs

We were down to two suites.

One of them, though nice and spacious, at Renfrew and 20th Ave is farther from my workplace than I would like.

The other, though nice and very near to my work, is very small. The landlord originally wanted 1800 – this is for a one bedroom plus nook. She went down but not as low as we wanted. We would not have room for two computer desks which means I’d have to have internetless computer at my studio. We went as far as drawing a map and trying to figure out where everything would fit. I would have to dispose of the bed I just bought a few months ago. The final kicker was that she would want us to be out during the olympics so her family could stay in the suite, and rather than offer us a stipend for the inconvenience, the privilege of staying would incur a raise to the rent for that month. You can guess which of our two options we went with.

So I’ll begin packing as soon as I get back from Saskatchewan and will reserve some kind of a truck from the Car Co-op sometime in the last week of the month. Who wants to help me move? +1000 xp!

3 Replies to “New Digs”

  1. Renfrew and 20th Ave is a nice area, but I agree a little ways out. Easy to Skytrain though. $1800 for a one bedroom! That’s just nuts. Phooey on them and a pox on their Olympic plans!

  2. That bit about the Olympics was a bad sign. You guys were wise to steer clear of a landlord who thought that was a reasonable request.

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