Saskatchewan or Bust

Tomorrow I go to Saskatchewan to have Thanksgiving with Deanna’s family. The thing I will most be thankful for, as always, is not being an aboriginal American while the white men settled this land. Gobble gobble!
Also I’ll be seeing dinosaurs at Drumheller. It will be my very first time!
Hannah will be taking care of Kodos. Wish us all luck in the way that people do.
Back on the 18th. I’ve set some post-dated blog entries so you won’t all die of boredom.

5 Replies to “Saskatchewan or Bust”

  1. It’s been a long time since I went, but Drumheller is pretty great (in my memory at least).

  2. think back, you were there when they first started the museum, long, long, ago, far away, hugs,
    thanks for telling me, why don’t you phone me sometime, we are leaving soon, and I called you, said to call your cell, didn’t answer that either, was some time ago, like last month.
    hugs anyway, Happy eating,

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