Hellboy VS Rhinosferatu

As you read this, I am in Portland at the HPL Film Festival, where Mike Mignola is a guest. I really like Mignola’s art, and have since Cosmic Odyssey and Rocket Raccoon. I liked cool before it was cool to like cool. I set aside an evening to ignore my girlfriend and draw this picture, which I am going to give to Mike. Secretly I hope that he will draw a picture of Rhinosferatu for me, but I’ll be jazzed if he accepts the drawing regardless.

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  1. That’s really cool, but the real question is for Deanna. Does this picture equal one night boyfriend neglect?

  2. to answer Kolja – yes, because he left me alone so I could watch the Leaders debate and portions of the US Veep debate.

  3. Really cool shading. I know this is going to sound weird, but I like those rocks! And of course the characters are also neat. But the rocks, I dunno, they’re doing it for me.

    The lesson here is: it’s important to ignore your girlfriend once in a while. In that spirit, I plan on ignoring your girlfriend more often. Hear that Ms Coat?

  4. You mentioned at the Film Fest that Mike had drawn a Rhinosferatu for you, but failed to mention how he liked your pic? It’s a very solid piece of work, so imagine he was very pleased. I certainly enjoyed chatting with him, finding he was very generous with his time and thoughts.

  5. Yes Mike was very approachable and pleasant. He signed my copies of Rocket Raccoon, Chronicles of Corum, and whatnots.
    I brought the drawing to the table when both he and Scott Allie were there and they seemed to like the drawing and the character – they both laughed when I uttered that most evil of words, ‘Rhinosferatu.’

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