And I Like their Feta-Kalamata Olive-Tomato Pizza Too!

For those who like seafood on their pizza (I don’t) and are concerned about our favourite planet, it might interest you to know that:

Panago is Ocean Wise

Consumers can now make sustainable seafood choices when ordering pizza. Panago is the first takeout and delivery chain to partner with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise seafood conservation program. Panago has transitioned all seafood menu items, at over 160 locations, to ensure they are Ocean Wise. “As well as offering our customers high quality ingredients, we are pleased about being able to offer our customers a more environmentally responsible choice when seafood is ordered,” says Panago’s CEO Sean De Gregorio. “The partnership is a small step toward minimizing environmental impact on our oceans,” he adds.

“Overfishing is THE number one problem facing the world’s oceans,” says Dr. John Nightingale, President of the Vancouver Aquarium. “With over 90% of ocean animals longer than 6 feet now gone, and with most ocean fisheries on the brink of collapse within the next 25 years, it is a major problem that we must respond to. Panago has done just that by committing to provide sustainable seafood alternatives in partnership with the Ocean Wise program. As one of the largest pizza providers in Western Canada, and expansion eastward, they are proving that change is possible and they are most certainly a leader among quick service restaurants.”

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